West Nile Police Reject SACCO

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Police in the West Nile have rejected a Savings and Credit Cooperative Society formed by their bosses in Kampala. The Savings and Credit Cooperative Society (SACCO), named Exodus, is intended to be a forum through which police officers can save and borrow money in order to supplement their incomes. The SACCO, which has been well received in Kampala, did not receive much praise in Arua district this week when police authorities approached officers with the suggestion that they join the scheme. The police officers, led by the Northwestern Regional CID Officer, Charles Eceru, said the SACCO was impractical given the reality of their salaries. They said they earn too little money to offer a percentage to a saving scheme. They said their wages should either be increased or the terms on which the SACCO are based should be altered. //Cue in: iYou have said #i Cue out: i# confused totally.i// The Arua District Police Commander, Julius Salube, questioned the difference between the Exodus SACCO and other financial institutions that have robbed and exploited police officers. Jessica Ordriyo, the acting police director for planning and research, assured the group that the SACCO was set up to be run by police, for the benefit of police. She said it was the right of the police to live with dignity, which she assured them they could get in a joint savings group. //Cue in: iWe want to live #i Cue out: i# have your respect?i // But the police in the West Nile were not impressed by this and asked for more time to consider joining the Exodus SACCO, which currently has 4,000 police officers across the country.