Police to Crack Down on Indiscipline among Private Security Companies

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The police are tightening their monitoring of the work of private security companies because of reports that private guards are in the rising gun crime in Uganda. On June 2nd two security guards attached to Saracen Security robbed EcoBank Kikuubo Branch of 147 million shillings. The guards were arrested in Soroti and the Democratic Republic of Congo. In another incident Richard Owor of Tight Security and Moses Okoth of a former employee of New Securiko Limited stole 36 million shillings from the chairman of Rafiki Group of Companies. On May 25th a private security guard at Kobil Petrol Station on Bombo Road reportedly attempted to shoot singer, Jose Chameleon. Police spokesperson, Judith Nabakooba, says several private guards have used the guns intended to protect people to rob and kill. She says this is proof of a lack of control systems within the security companies. Nabakooba reveals that the police are increasing their monitoring of the security companies to prevent more crime. //Cue in: iA gun is supposed # Cue out: i# to be scrutinized.i// The spokesperson of Saracen Security, Moses Mutalaga, says the incident involving his company's employee is an isolated case. He says good guards should not be victimized because of the acts of an individual. A code of conduct agreed drafted by the police and the Uganda Private Security Association says guards involved in crime will now face court martial. Mohammed Alibhai, chairman of the Uganda Private Security Association, hopes that the code of conduct will act as a sufficient deterrent against guards involved in gun crime. //Cue in: iIt's difficult to prosecute #i Cue out: i# laws were designed.i// The private security guard code of conduct came into effect on May 27th.