Kidney Disease on the Rise in the Rwenzoris

1861 Views Fort Portal, Uganda
Kidney related diseases are reported to be on the rise in the Rwenzori Region. Dr. Gerald Tumusiime, Medical Superintendent of Virika Hospital, says one in four of the people who seek treatment at the hospital are treated for kidney illnesses. He attributes this to poor nutrition and dietary habits. Dr. Tumusiime says an increasing number of people are eating foods with trans fats that increase their cholesterol, putting them at greater risk of disease. He adds that many people do not drink enough water and so the sugar in their bodies is not regulated. Dr. Tumusiime warns that this problem will grow unless people eat better and exercise more. //Cue in: iKidney diseases are #i Cue out: i# checked for kidney diseases.i// At Virika Hospital, drinking water supplies have been placed on every hospital ward. Dr. Tumusiime says there is also water available in the out patients department and nurses have been instructed to advise people on drink more water and to keep well hydrated. Dr. Tumusiime recommends drinking at least two and a half liters of water a day in order to keep the body functioning effectively.