Human Activity Threatens Existance of Yellow Papyrus Warbler

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Bird Life International has warned that human activity in Nyamuriro Wetlands Kabale district has led to the depletion of the Papyrus Yellow Warbler bird species. Farmers working in Nyamuriro wetland have been accused of killing the Papyrus Yellow Warbler, which is listed as an endangered bird species. Bird Life International says their numbers are declining because of the severe draining and human exploitation of its papyrus-swamp habitat. Paul Sabitti, the Kabale Environment Officer says that protecting the bird species will help to conserve the wetlands and earn residents much more money than farming. Sabitti says tourism operators are looking for alternative places in Kigezi region to host tourists, after visiting Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi and Mgahinga National parks. He has advised residents of Nyamuriro wetland to form an association that will help conserve the Papyrus Yellow Warbler, and attract tourists. However, Sabitti says that farmers don't see the tangible benefits that are accrue from eco-tourism. //Cue in: iThis bird can# Cue out: #not developedi.// Sabitti says he supports a collaboratory management agreement with the district and the community. The agreement will be aimed at involving residents in the conservation of natural resources in the wetland. But the locals are not listening to that; they say they would rather kill the bird and use the land for farming. Jessica Muhozi, a farmer says she earns more money when she cultivates Irish potatoes than anything else. Muhozi says she doesn't know how she will benefit from tourism yet her children need to survive. The district council will pronounce itself on the matter when it meets next time.


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