Parliament Vets new Supreme Court Judges

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Three appointee Supreme Court judges this morning appeared before the parliamentary committee for vetting. The three nominee supreme court judges are Jotham Tumwesigye, Christine Kitumba and Dr. Esther Mayambala. Lady Justice Christine Kitumba was the first to appear before the parliamentary vetting committee chaired by Edward Ssekandi the speaker of parliament. Kitumba who emerged from the vetting committee room after about 40 minutes while smiling, declined to comment on the process apart from indicating she will handle the new assignment as required by the judicial oath. Jotham Tumwesigye, the former IGG who entered the room shortly Kitumba said he is ready to dispense. Sections of opposition politicians have described Tumwesigye as a cadre judge. // Cue In i I was IGG and you know my record # Cue Out: #. Continue to be impartiali // Dr. Esther Mayambala Kisaakye who has been a lecturer at Makerere University Law School appeared calm after the vetting but she declined to comment on what had transpired behind the closed door meeting. The speaker of Parliament is expected to communicate the committee's decision to the president. Once approved, the nominee judges will take the judicial oath and immediately begin work. Judicial spokesperson, Erias Kisawuzi was happy that Parliament had finally vetted the nominees. He says the judiciary is anxiously waiting for them to raise the needed Coram to handle the pending petitions at the appellant court. The Supreme Court has 14 pending constitutional petitions, 6 election petitions, 183 criminal appeals and 174 criminal applications as of June this year, due to lack of coram.


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