Joseph Kony's Mother is Dead

2395 Views Gulu, Uganda
Joseph Kony's mother, Norah Anek Oting, has died. Norah Oting died last night at Mulago hospital. The Gulu Resident District Commissioner, Walter Ochora, says Oting was ill for a while and had been admitted at Mulago Hospital for several days. It is not known what Oting was suffering from or what caused her death. It is also unknown whether Joseph Kony, who is in the jungles of the Democratic Republic of Congo, has learned about his mother's death. The 86-year-old Norah Oting lived in a government-rented house in Mukono town for about 10 years. Government-led attempts to relocate her to her home in Achet in Odek sub-county, which is 30 kilometers east of Gulu town, failed because she was frail and in ill health. Norah Oting led a quiet life as a housewife in Gulu for many years. She was thrust into the public eye about 20 years ago when her son, Joseph Kony, launched a long, bloody rebellion in Northern Uganda. The media often sought Oting out to try to understand her son and his Lord's Resistance Army rebels. Oting was a very religious woman, who believed her son to be tormented by evil spirits. In a 2003 interview with the Gulu-based Lifeline Ministries, she said Kony was possessed with demons that made him act irrationally and forced him into the bush. She said she believed the only way he would abandon his rebellion was by prayer and through peace talks. It was little wonder therefore that in 2006 Norah Oting agreed to be part of a peace team that traveled to the Garamba National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo to convince Joseph Kony to sign a peace agreement with the government of Uganda. Kony had suggested that a meeting with his mother would convince him to take part in the peace talks in Juba. The meeting was the first time Kony had seen his mother in 17 years. Observers to the event said Kony was delighted to meet his mother and he thanked the government for making the get-together possible. Oting referred to Kony and President Museveni as her sons and urged them to talk directly to make a deal. Her wish never came to pass. Kony reneged on a promise to sign a Final Peace Agreement with government and the peace talks fell apart. Walter Ochora says Oting's body will be transported to Gulu today for burial at Loyoajonga village in Lalogi sub-county.