Gulu Authorities Deregisters Fake Seed Dealers

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Authorities in Gulu have started registering Suppliers of Seeds in the district to stem the sale of fake seeds to farmers. Jackson Lakor, the Gulu District Agricultural Officer who is mandated to regulate the sale of agricultural input says that he has received several complaints from farmer about fake seeds on the market. He says that as a result his office has started carrying out on spot checks on seed dealers in the district. //Cue in: "So we are trying..." Cue out: "...highest level of crime."// Peter Lalobo, a farmer at Te Cwa village in Koro Sub County says that he has been buying maize and sorghum seeds but keeps getting poor harvests unlike the description provided by the seeds supplier. Lalobo says his neighbors also complain about similar problems. Rose Abalo, another farmer at Paduny village in Awach Sub County says that as a result of the poor yield farmers in her area have stopped buying improved seeds. Godfrey Ocan, an agronomist working with Food and Agricultural Organization says that they have also encountered problems with adulterated seeds. He explains that they have on several occasions planted the seeds mainly maize, Soya beans, sorghum and millet in demonstration gardens only to end up with poor yields not typical of improved seeds. Ocan says that in some cases they have discovered that the suppliers, in a bid to maximize profits, mix the improved seeds with low quality seeds. Ocan says that FAO is planning to destroy about 10 metric tons of maize seeds but were found to be fake. He says that they are investigating some of the suppliers before forwarding their names to the National Seed Certification Services, which is in charge of quality control of the seeds.


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