Kiboga Hospital, Health Centers Severely Understaffed

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Kiboga Main Hospital needs 88 staff to operate at full capacity. Dr. Allan Muruta, the Kiboga District Health Officer, says that until these vacancies are filled, the hospital will continue to offer sub-standard services to patients. Dr. Muruta says understaffing of the hospital and government health centers is one of the biggest challenges facing his department. He says he is unable to do anything about it because the district cannot hire more staff. Kiboga Main Hospital is set up to 11 medical officers. It only has six. Bukomero Health Center, the district's second largest health facility, has an official staffing capacity of 48, but only has 27 workers. Dr. Muruta says all health centers at the level three standard are expected to employ 19 workers each. However none of them have more than 10 workers. Henry Ddamba, the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer of Kiboga, says the district doesn't have the money to employ more medical staff. He says that even when there is money available, it is too little to attract doctors, nurses and clinicians to Kiboga. Ddamba wants the central government to increase the wage bill for local governments in order to cater for sectors like health and education that need well trained, qualified staff.