Man 30, arrested for Disappearance of His Children

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A Man who neglected his children leading to their disappearance has been arrested in Hoima. 30-year-old, Jack Senteza, is a father to Nine-year-old Pius Wabyona and Six-year-old Ivan Tumwesige, both pupils of Zika Foundation Primary School in Kagadi town. He was arrested on Friday afternoon on the orders of the Hoima District Probation Officer, Stanley Mboineki, after he turned up at Hoima police station, to pick his children. The district probation officer accuses Sentenza, a carpenter by profession of portraying himself as an irresponsible parent, after he failed to trace for his children, even after learning that they had gone missing. The police that his children had been found in Hoima district informed him. The children were recovered from Kakindo trading center in Kyabigambire Sub county Hoima district on Wednesday. They were picked by residents and later handed over to Hoima police station. The children who stayed at their Auntie's place in Kagadi town, say they got lost while running away from the mistreatment she was subjecting them to. They identify their auntie as Joy Asaba. The juveniles claim they were heading to their father's place in Mpefu, when a vehicle that dumped them in Hoima town picked them. They found themselves in Kakindo as they fidgeted to find a way back home. Mboineki says Sentenza will be charged with child neglect.


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