Otunu Wants Museveni and Kony Tried for Genocide

5089 Views Gulu, Uganda
Olara Otunu, the UPC presidential candidate has attributed the return of peace in Northern region to divine intervention and foreign pressure. Otunu who is on his campaign tour in Acholi made the remarks while addressing voters at Awach, Opit and Kaunda ground this morning. He blamed the war that disrupted the life of residents in Northern Uganda for two decades on President Yoweri Museveni. Otunu said he wants he wants Museveni and Joseph Kony, the leader of the rebel Lords Resistance Army to be tried for genocide that was aimed at wiping out the Acholi. Otunu told the electorate that he is aware Museveni has directed police detectives to investigate and charge him over the accusations but said he was willing to help the detectives with evidence to back up his claim. He said that as a result of the war, the Acholi have lost all the cultural, economic, social and moral aspects of the society once they had. Otunu's claims were received with a lot of excitement and approval from the hundreds of people who gathered at Kaunda ground to listen to him. The people some dressed in the blue, black and red UPC party colors kept clapping and shouting in approval as Otunu made the claims. He insisted that there is ample evidence and people willing to testify on the atrocities committed against the Acholi. //Cue in: "In this land, Museveni..." Cue out: "SFX clapping."// He asked the crowd to vote UPC into power so as to restore the policies that target the welfare of the ordinary people without discrimination. Otunu told the crowd that Uganda is presently at a situation similar to the Egyptians during the biblical times where they had to cross the Red sea to Israel saying people could vote to remain as they are or vote for a government that cares for the need of the common person. Otunu's bravery and bold public statement appeared to win the support of many people in the crowd. Denis Kidega, one of the men in the crowd said he would vote Otunu even though he was aware he would not win the elections. Mary Kibwota, a UPC party supporter said she was excited by the massive turn of people for Otunu's rally, which shows that people still have the party at heart.