Lira Kidnapped Nursery Boy found Dead

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Poice in Lira have arrested one woman in connection with the kidnap and murder of a 5 year old nursery school child, who went missing on Tuesday from his school at Monetsori Nursery.

A 5-year-old nursery school child in Lira who went missing on Tuesday from his school has been found dead and his body dumped in a swamp a few minutes off the Lira – Kampala highway.

Moses Oyengo, the father, said his son, Steven Okello, was picked from Montessori Nursery School in the town centre at midday yesterday by an unidentifued person.

Midday is normally the time when most nursery school kids return home.

Denis Odongo, an eye witness, said the body was still dressed in the Montessori school uniform.

Henry Alyanga, the Lango police spokesman, said they discovered a letter which the suspect purportedly wrote to the school authorities claiming to be the boy's mother.

In the letter, the suspect asked the school to release the child to a motorcycle rider who was supposed to transport him home.

Alyanga said they have arrested a woman, Pamela Atyang Pamela in connection with Okello's kidnap and murder.

He said Atyang, who is being detained at Lira Central Police Station, is helping the police with investigations into the murder.

The incident is one of the first in Lira as child killings is uncommon.