MP Okello Okello blames government for his defeat

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Okello Okello blames NRM government for his defeat in elections for Chua county palriamentary seat.

Chua County Member of Parliament, Livingstone Okello-Okello, has finally spoken out about his re-election defeat weeks after parliamentary elections in February.
Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Okello Oryem defeated Okello-Okello in the Chua parliamentary race. Oryem polled 19,535 votes against Okello Okello’s 14, 042 votes.

This is the second time in ten years that Okello-Okello, the leader of the opposition Uganda People's Congress in parliament, is being ejected from parliament.

Okello-Okello, an outspoken government critic, represnted Chua Couty in the 6th Parliament only to be ejected from the e 7th Parliament. He bounced back in the 8th Parliament only to be thrown out of the newly elected 9th Parliament.

Okello blames the government for his defeat, saying there was massive intimidation and voter bribery in his constituency.

In what he terms as political rape, Okello Okello says that voters in his constituency were promised to return to internally displaced people's camps if they did not vote National Resistance Movement candidates.

 Close to two million people lived in protected camps as the government wanted them guarded against rebel soldiers of the Lord's Resistance Army. Most of them have just returned to their ancestral villages to rebuild their homes and lives shattered for over two deacdes.
Okello-Okello claims that the voters were also threatened against voting opposition candidates if the still wanted development programmes NAADS and NUSAF funds to continue in the constituency. He notes that rechargeable lamps were used to scare illiterate voters that they were cameras recording voters who would not tick the bus, an election symbol used by NRM candidates.

Okello-Okello described the election in his constituency as vote rustling and not an election.

//Cue in: "The forms of intimidation …"
Cue out:  "... contracts from government."//

Okello Okello claims that his life was under threat since January, adding that although he has reported the matter to the police, he still feels there are plots to assassinate him. He did not name names though.

Although Okello Okello is out of the 9th Parliament, he promises to still be actively involved in politics.