NRM Launches Vigilante group to counter Action for Change protests

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NRM Launches Vigilante group to counter Action for Change protests

A new pressure group, Coalition for Stable Uganda-CSU has been formed to counter activities of Action for Change Coalition, a pro opposition coalition. Action for Change was unveiled the opposition last month to spear head the walk to Work campaign to protest high commodity and fuel prices.
Yesterday, CSU is a pro- NRM group led by Fred Bamwine; the former Nakawa Resident District Commissioner was unveiled to counter the opposition. According to Bamwine his group is composed of 500 vigilantes who are ready to confront Besigye and all opposition members.
Bamwine accused the opposition of using the high commodity and fuel prices to fight and topple the NRM government. He said that the opposition protests have nothing to do with the suffering of Ugandans but just a ploy to topple the ruling NRM government.
Sam Okum Mangeni, chairperson of the group says they will engage in dialogue with the opposition but if it fails they will take them on. He said that there is no doubt in their minds that the opposition actions are well coordinated with backing from other forces bent at destabilizing Uganda, loot property and cause deaths.
Sewava Mukasa, chairman of the defunct Uganda Young Movements, said that they are ready to safeguard Uganda’s sovereignty at all costs. But Mathias Mpuuga, the coordinator of Action for Change, equated the new group to a militia.
Mpuuga said that he does not see the relevance of the group because the high commodity and fuel prices affect all Ugandans equally. He said they will watch the activities of the new coalition before deciding on what action to take.