Kitgum Town Council Chairman Resigns

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Richard Ojara Okwera, the LC III chairman of Kitgum town council has today resigned from his office.
His resignation follows the Supreme Court ruling and local government Act Section 23 regarding change of political affiliations.
The Act which was amended in 2010 states that a councilor who chooses to contest on a different party ticket other than that through which he/she was previously elected must resign.
Early last week, it emerged that a group of people petitioned the Kitgum LCV chairman demanding for the sacking of Ojara from office for changing party position.
In letter, the petitioners claim that Ojara was occupying the LC III office illegally because he did not resign from his former position as an independent when he joined the UPC party and contested and won the LCIII seat.
Ojara however argues that he is acting in respect to the constitution of Uganda and denies that pressure from the petitioners has prompted this move.
The office is to be taken over by the town council speaker, Tooroma Livingston until Ojara in sworn in on 25th May 2011.