Unidentified Thugs Hack Five people in Hoima

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In short
Five People wounded by Identified Thugs in Hoima

Five people have been wounded by unidentified thugs in Hoima town within a space of one week. Livingstone David Ayebaale, a new anchor at Spice FM radio is the latest victim of the unidentified assailants.
Ayebaale says that the thugs broke into his room at Kiryetete on Friday night and cut his leg. Ayebaale says that the thugs cut his curtain and descended on him before his neighbors intervened.
On the same day unidentified thugs also hacked Moses Olagiwi, a boda boda motorist. Olagiwi explains that he was approached by one the thugs he identifies as Richard at Supreme Medical center to drop him at Butebere village in Kitoba sub county.
He says that before they reached Butebere the passenger turned against him and stabbed him in the back before fleeing his motorcycle registration number UDS 147R. Olagiwi says he was discovered by residents who rushed him to Kabalega medical centre for treatment.
Dr. Joseph Ruyonga, the director Kabalega Medical Center says that the lives of the stab victims are out of danger. Earlier in the week, three other people were stabbed by unknown people in Kiganda.
They are Sarah Alituha, a senior three student at Premier school, Bernard Ivan Kemara a senor four candidate at Bwikya Muslim secondary school and Harriet Nguza, a bar maid.
The suspects also stole shillings 50,000 from their victims. Abdulswamadu Watimba. Hoima Resident District Commissioner has asked police to investigate the matter and establish whether the assailants are not Iron bar hit men.
He says the group might part of the Iron bar hit men who terrorized the district in the early 2010 after serving their punishments.