Kitgum Women Call For Compulsory Male Circumcision.

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Women in Kitgum district have called on men to be more engaged in the fight against HIV&Aids by participating in the male circumcision campaign.

Women in Kitgum district have called for stronger engagement of men in the fight against HIV&Aids by participating in the safe male circumcision campaign.

Several women want the law on male circumcision to ensure that the practice is compulsory.

Susan Akello from Orom sub-county says government should pass a legislation that will compel all men to be circumcised and those who refuse be punished.

Jane Adokorach, a self styled women activist agrees with Akello. Adokorach says women should deny sexual rights to men who are not circumcised. She also proposes a law that will include punitive measures for men who refuse to be circumcised. She says this reduces the rate of infection for men and transfer of the disease to their spouses.

Kitgum district Assistant Chief Administrative Officer, Rhoda Oroma believes male circumcision must be emphasized for both hygiene and for fight against HIV&Aids infection.

She says more sensitization should be carried out so that men can come out voluntarily to be circumcised.
Oroma wonders why so much money is spent on promoting other methods of prevention such as use of condoms, abstinence and being faithful, and no mention is made of male circumcision.

She says as mothers in the district, they will continue to ensure that the fight against the aids pandemic is intensified.
She has challenged men to come up and show more commitment by getting circumcised.

Cue in: “for us mothers we shall…”
Cue out: “…safe male circumcision”

Dickson Wanglobo, the Health information management officer at Northern Uganda Transition Initiative says women participation in accessing services related to the fight against HIV&Aids is much higher than men in Kitgum district.

He says despite the fact that more men have access to information on where to test and access the services, very few go for such services. He has called on the men to take a proactive role in the fight.

Cue in: “generally on hiv-aids…”
Cue out: “…during antenatal”

Wanglobo wants more men to engage in male circumcision as a preventive measure in the fight against the pandemic.
Kitgum district has HIV&Aids infection rate stands at 6.7%, higher than the national average that stands at 6.4%.

The ministry of health recently launched the safe male circumcision campaign in line with the safe male circumcision policy 2010.

Health studies show that male circumcision reduces the risk of acquiring HIV among medically circumcised men by up to 60 percent.


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