City Division Mayors plot to oppose KCCA budget

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Kampala city division mayors are plotting to oppose the Kampala Capital City Authority budget. Benjamin Kalumba, the  Nakawa division mayor is spearheading the plot.

Kalumba  says that the mayor’s forum, has reached a  consensus to oppose the executive director over this year’s city budget. He says that Lord mayor Erias Lukwago has been informed about the plot.

Kalumba says the budgeting procedure stipulates a bottom-up approach, where divisions would first make their budget estimates for consideration in the capital city authority budget. He however says that the authority wants to read the budget, before the divisions have presented theirs.

Kalumba accuses Jennifer Ssemakula Musisi for prioritising  construction of roads, and garbage collection, as the major problems faced by the divisions.

Patrick Mugenyi communication consultant office of the executive director says has not recievd a formal communication about the mayors plot.

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