30 Students Expelled As St Kaggwa Bushenyi School Reopens After Strike

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ST. Kagwa Bushenyi high school was re-opened on Monday after a week of closure following a students’ strike.

ST. Kagwa Bushenyi high school was re-opened on Monday after a week of closure following a students’ strike.

According to headmaster of the school Richard Tumusiime Wavamuno, 30 students have been expelled for leading the strike.

Tumusiime Wavamuno told our reporter on Monday that the expulsion of the students was recommended by the board meeting that sat after the strike. The headmaster added that each of the 950 students would pay fifty thousand shillings to put back what was destroyed during the strike.

He noted that this was communicated to the parents in a crisis meeting that was held at the school on Saturday last week. The students destroyed window screens of classrooms and the store. 
A URN reporter in the area says students have already started reporting beginning with senior one. These will be followed by senior four and six before the rest of the classes are allowed to come in, according to the headmaster.

Students, who matched through Bushenyi town to the district headquarters, accuse the head teacher of transferring senior teachers and replacing them with junior and inexperienced ones. The students also noted that the head teacher was misusing and stealing their money.

Wavamuno however, refuted these allegations and revealed that the students were being instigated by some teachers.  
The Bushenyi district education officer, Norman Lukumo said in an interview on Thursday that the grievances raised by students are true and that he would make sure that management addressed them.

St. Kagwa Bushenyi high school is one of the oldest catholic foundedsecondary  schools in western Uganda.
From 2000 to 2001, the school faced numerous strikes. The students during that time were opposed to the poor management of the school by then headmaster, Kasinga Kalibala.

Odo Tayebwa, the parents teachers association [PTA] chairman at the time took Kalibala and the board of governors chairman Fr. Pascal Betunga to Inspector General of Government for allegedly embezzling over 300 million shillings and general mismanagement of the school. Kalibala was then sacked by the education service commission on recommendation of the IGG.

The current headmaster, Wavamuno was brought to the school and for the last six years, peace had returned to St. Kagwa Bushenyi school until last week.