Co-wives Arrested Over Disappearance Of Two Children

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Police in Buliisa are holding two co-wives in connection with the disappearance of two children last month.

Police in Buliisa are holding two co-wives in connection with the disappearance of two children last month.

The suspects are Naima Apio, 30 and Agnes Berocan, 23. The two women are married to Azizi Okum Olaryoni, a fisherman and a resident of Katodio village near Wanseko landing site in Buliisa district.

The two co-wives were arrested after the disappearance of three-year-old Catherine Katulinde and Abi Weko, aged four years.

Weko is a son to Apio while Katulinde is a daughter to one Scovia a neighbour to Berocan, Apio’s co-wife.

Iriga Ivudia, the deputy criminal investigations officer at Buliisa police station says the two children reportedly went missing on July 20 at about 5pm.

The children were returning home from Katanga at Apio’s place at the time of the disappearance. It’s alleged that Apio had sent her son Weko to escort Katulinde as she went back home at the time.

The two toddlers disappeared on the way and have never been seen again.

According to the deputy CID chief, Apio, a mother of four moved from Katodio village and rented a room at Katanga trading center, about a kilometer away.

This followed a quarrel with her co-wife Berocani over their husband Okumu.

Avudia says the police are holding the two women on suspicion that they could have wrongfully confined the children somewhere to implicate each other, given the prevailing rivalry. The police say the arrest is also to keep them for safe custody as residents have vowed to lynch them accusing them of abducting the children.

Meanwhile in their statements to police, the suspects are blaming each other of the children’s disappearance. The women are being held at Buliisa remand prison as police continue with the search for the missing children.

Acting Buliisa district police commander, Christopher Bigirwenkya says the police have now extended their hunt for the children outside Buliisa as they call upon people with information on their whereabouts to inform authorities.

Bigirwenkya however says hopes of finding the children alive are fading, almost a month after their disappearance.