Improved Performance As UNEB Releases UCE Results

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UNEB Secretary, Matthew Bukenya said the failure rate dropped from 6.5% in 2010 to 4.2% of the total candidates who sat for the examinations in 2011.

The overall performance for Senior Four candidates has improved according to the 2011 examination results released by Uganda National Examinations Board—UNEB.
UNEB released the results on Wednesday with 255,220 candidates qualifying for a UCE certificate out of 273,363 candidates who sat for the examinations. At least 107,977 candidates were registered under the Universal Secondary Education.
UNEB Secretary, Matthew Bukenya said the failure rate dropped from 6.5% in 2010 to 4.2% of the total candidates who sat for the examinations in 2011.
Bukenya, however, said that a total of 6,357 candidates registered for the exams but did not turn up to do the papers.
According to UNEB, students performed well in English, Literature in English, Christian Religious Education and Agriculture, while the worst done subjects were Geography, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Accounts. Bukenya observed that three quarters of students who sat chemistry failed and more than half did not pass biology.
Bukenya noted that candidates showed inadequacies in English comprehension and has problems analyzing questions, a problem he attributed to continued use of pamphlets by teachers in schools. According to Bukenya, most students had problems answering questions that required description, explanation and discussion.
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In Science subjects, there was general poor performance in private schools, something Bukenya blamed on the lack of science labs in the schools. He added that even in government schools laboratory equipments are not used and this resulted into lack of skills in handling apparatuses.
UNEB also observed that there was no leakage of examinations but that there was external assistance given to candidates in examination rooms. This, according to Bukenya, was done through dictation, using sheets of papers, sharing of answer sheets, and smuggling notes into the examination rooms.
As a result, results of 1600 candidates have been withheld. Some of the schools whose results were withheld include Kawempe Standard High School in Kampala, where results of 10 candidates were withheld, and Nsambya Hillside also in Kampala, whose 13 students had their results withheld. The others are East High School in Ntinda with 22 candidates, Amuria Secondary School in Amuria district with 39 students and King James Comprehensive School in Lira, whose 143 students had their results withheld.
Education Minister Jessica Alupo asked UNEB to provide a list of teachers involved in examination malpractices for an action to be taken on them.
Alupo noted that the number of students failing mathematics and sciences is unacceptably high and called on teachers to improve their class time. She said the ministry has been re-training science and mathematics teachers and would continue to do so.  
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