Mbabazi Not Aware of Move to Restore Term Limits

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The Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi says he is not aware of any moves by Members of Parliament to restore presidential term limits.

The Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi is not aware of any moves to restore presidential term limits.

Speaking at the NRM party offices Kyadondo road today, Mbabazi says he is not aware of any new arguments but if there are, the party is ready to receive them and respond to them.

He stresses that the NRM made its stand clear when they overwhelmingly voted against term limits in 2005.

//Cue in: “Remember it’s not long…”
Cue out: “…and respond to them.”//

So far 56 MPs, including NRM members, have openly supported a plan to push for the restoration of presidential term limits. On Tuesday, the western Uganda Youth MP Gerald Karuhanga announced plans to table a motion seeking Parliament to allow him present a private member’s Bill for the proposed constitutional amendment.

He said his Bill was intended to correct an error committed in 2005 when term limits were scrapped by President Museveni’s supporters. Those in favor of the term limits have argued that the move would entrench democracy in a country that has never witnessed a peaceful transfer of power.

It is yet to be seen if the subject is among others that will be discussed as the NRM National Executive Council sits in Entebbe on Tuesday next week.

NEC is the standing committee of the National conference, which is the supreme organ of the NRM. It deals with policy and related matters. Mbabazi today announced that President Yoweri Museveni is expected to give the keynote address. Mbabazi shall present a report whose content is yet to be known and discussed by members.

Five specially invited delegates who have made a special contribution to the NRM struggle from the Diaspora have also been invited.

On complaints raised by party members that he is not giving party affairs enough attention since he also doubles as secretary general of the party, Mbabazi said that his position is a leadership position and not bureaucratic.

He agrees that his schedule as Prime Minister is too hectic to allow him work successfully as the party secretary general. Mbabazi also argues that ordinarily the party should have a bureaucracy to perform the bureaucratic functions that are required to run the party.

Mbabazi elusively explains that he is not a full time employee of the party and only holds the position because the party structures are not fully established.

However, this can be changed through the party constitution to enable a fully fledged and functional secretary general.

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Cue out: “…paid bureaucrat of the party.”//