Rakai Police Arrest Two For Alleged Human Sacrifice

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Police in Rakai are holding two people who are both relatives to a Tanzanian national who was lynched on Wednesday last week by angry residents for alleged child sacrifice.

Police in Rakai are holding two people who are both relatives to a Tanzanian national who was lynched on Wednesday last week by angry residents for alleged child sacrifice.

80 year old Veronica Eragga was killed by an angry mob for allegedly sacrificing two children. The incident occurred on Wednesday June 13 at Kamuganja Village, Mayaanja parish in Rakai District when angry villagers armed with stones and machetes pounced on her beating her to death.

A day before the incident, the residents mounted a hunt for a missing child indentified as Annette Nakayondo, aged four years, who had been missing for three days. Nakayondo’s body was recovered lying in a pool of blood near Eragga’s home, prompting them to suspect Eragga of having a hand in the child’s death.

Vovia Nakiyimba 17, a daughter to Eragga was picked by police detectives from her hideout at Sanje village, Kakuuto Sub County in Rakai District on Sunday; just four days after an angry mob killed her mother. 

On interrogation Nakiyimba revealed that the deceased had developed a network of businessmen in Kampala who could reportedly buy several body parts including hearts, liver, tongue and blood among others from sacrificed children.
Nakiyimba said that her brother, Charles Mugerwa, a resident of Kasensero landing site who is also under police custody, could negotiate with the alleged buyers on behalf of their 80 year old mother.

She confessed that she had witnessed 3 kids being killed and their blood collected. Nakiyimba said that they could capture kids for sacrifice from neighboring villages and landing sites basing on needs of their customers who wanted blood or body parts.

Zavve Kasiika, a father to Nakayondo, who was found killed near Eragga’s place, has welcomed the arrest of the suspects saying that this time he wants to see justice working.

Stephen Ssebunya, Kakuuto Sub County LC3 Chairperson, blamed the public for taking the law into their one hands. He said that by the time they reached the scene of crime it was too late to save the old lady’s life since she had lost a lot of blood.

Ignatius Nuwoha, Rakia District African Network for the Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect (ANPPCAN) Program Officer, said that there is increasing cases of missing children who are suspected to be killed for ritual purposes. He however showed concern over the way the reported cases are handled by police and judiciary since most of the suspects are acquitted on claims that the complainants lack evidence to pin them.

Nuwoha said that last year his office registered more than 12 cases of missing children. He said that this year ANPPCAN has recorded at least 7 cases of missing children adding that 3 of them are confirmed to have been killed.

He appealed to government to increase on funding given to Probation Departments in the districts because these offices have done little to promote child protection in their areas.

Alex Twebazze, Rakai District Police Commander said that the suspects have been transported to Rakai Central Police Station because of fear of angry residents who had threatened to attack Sanje police post and harm them.
He, however, made no mention of the suspected killers of Eragga.