Banyoro to Demand Compensation from British Queen during Commonwealth Summit

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The Mubende Banyoro Committee, a group of Banyoro living in Kibaale district, are drafting a memorandum to present to the Queen of England, when she comes to Uganda for the Commonwealth Heads of State Summit in 2007. The spokesperson of the Bunyoro Kitara kingdom, Henry Ford Mirima, says the memorandum will demand the immediate compensation for land lost and resources plundered under the British colonial administrators. Mirima says the memorandum will also remind the Queen of the British troops, who were commanded by Captain Frederick Lugard and Colonel Henry Colville, killed over two million people who resisted colonial occupation in Bunyoro between 1890 and 1899. Mirima says an ad hoc committee has been instituted to explore the best way to make the complaints of the Banyoro heard during the Commonwealth Summit. He says current plans include holding a peaceful demonstration and marching through the streets of Kampala City. In February 2004 the Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom served the British High Commission in Kampala with a notice to sue the British government for injustices allegedly committed by the British colonial administrators more than 100 years ago. The British government is accused of pillage, rape and murder of the former Bunyoro-Kitara King.