Komuntale's Fiance Adopted Into Tooro Kingdom Clan

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Christopher Thomas, Princess Ruth Komuntale's fiance, has been adopted into one of the clans of Tooro Kingdom. He has been given a pet name, Amooti.

Christopher Thomas, the fiancé of Princess Ruth Komuntale, has been adopted into one of the clans of Toro Kingdom.

Thomas and Komuntale will walk down the aisle on Saturday at the Karuzika palace in Fort Portal. The wedding will be preceded by an introduction ceremony at Komutale’s paternal uncle’s home on Thursday at Gweri village, Karambi Sub County.

Isaac Rabwoni, the secretary of the Babiito clan, told Uganda Radio Network that according to the culture of the Babiito, if a non Mutooro marries a King’s sister or daughter, they are adopted into one of the clans of Tooro.

However Rabwoni refused to disclose the clan which Thomas has been adopted into, saying that they want to keep it a secret and surprise guests at the introduction ceremony, where the name of the clan will be disclosed.

Rabwoni says that the choice of the clan was agreed upon by members of the royal family. He however said that it can’t be the Babitto clan, since Komutale is a member of the clan.

According to Rabwoni, Thomas Christopher has also been given a pet name, Amooti.

A pet name, locally known as Empaako is a local practice of giving a special name which is specifically used for greeting, praising, honoring and pleading for favor. It is shared by communities in Tooro, Bunyoro, Busongora, Butuku, Kitagwenda and Bunyaruguru.

Rabwoni further states that Thomas will be led at the introduction by a Mutooro who is conversant with the Tooro culture of introduction.

Since Komuntale will also be unveiled as the Batebe, a title given to the elder sister of the King of Tooro, on the day of the introduction, Rabwoni says that Komutale will be required to perform  her role while in the Kingdom and not in the United States, where she will become a native after she has got married.   

The Batebe is the head of all princesses in the Kingdom.

//Cue in: “she should be in office…

Cue out: “…become a native of America.”//

But Charles Muhanga, an elder in Toro Kingdom says that Komutale can perform her role as Batebe even when she is in the USA. Muhanga cities King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba who is studying abroad, but he appoints regents to administer the Kingdom on his behalf.

He says that Komuntale can even fly back whenever necessary.   

//Cue in: “we’re leaving in a globalized world...

Cue out: “…she can still discharge her duties.”//


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