Rakai Killings: Six Arrested, 2 Murder Weapons Recovered

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In short
Police in Rakai district have arrested six people in connection with the recent spate of killings.

Police in Rakai district have arrested six people in connection with the recent spate of killings.
The police have also recovered two murder weapons; a knife and an axe. Police also recovered the mobile phone of one of the victims from a suspect’s home.
Police have declined to reveal names of the suspects to avoid jeopardizing on-going investigations into the killings that have shocked the country.
According to Simon Peter Wafana, the Regional Police Commander, one suspect who happens to be a woman was arrested last week, three more suspects were picked up on Tuesday and two more were arrested today.

Wafana could reveal that the female suspect is connected to the killing of a family of nine in Kyebe Sub-County. The three suspects are connected to the killing of a Rwandan national while the suspects arrested today had a hand in the killing of 52-year-old woman.
Wafana explains that the suspects would have fled or gone on rampage again had police delayed to arrest them. He says that the suspects were arrested in the vicinities of the most recent homicides in Kyebe and Kirumba Sub-counties.
He added that the six suspects are currently being held at Kalisizo police station undergoing interrogation and their true identity will be revealed once they conclude their investigations.
The arrests come in the wake of a series of killings that have occured in Rakai district  in the sub counties of Kyebe and Kirumba Sub-counties.
On January 13, 2013 unknown people attacked a family of Pastor Steven Mugambe, killed him and eight family members in Kyebe Sub-county.
In the same week on Friday 18th 2013, another family was attacked and butchered a 52-year-old Urita Nabasagi to death in the wee hours of the night.
After two days, a 54-year-old Rwandese national Evalisto Ngalukiye was attacked and stabbed several times in the chest, neck and hit on the head with an axe.
However, police had not made any arrests in connection with the killings until now.
Last week Rakai residents dismissed police preliminary findings linking the brutal murders to terrorism. They said that the findings were diversionary.