Domestic Violence, Child Neglect Cases Escalate in Luweero

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She attributes the high number of the child neglect cases of early marriages and unwanted pregnancies.

Authorities in Luweero district are struggling to cope with the escalation of cases of domestic violence and child neglect. According to Frances Nyamutwale, the officer in charge of Luweero Child and Family protection unit, police has recorded 65 and 57 cases of domestic violence and child neglect respectively, over the last three months. 

She attributes the high number of the child neglect cases of early marriages and unwanted pregnancies. Nyamutwale explains that many young people get married at a tender age, yet they are unable to take care of their babies. She blames the rampant cases of domestic violence to high levels of unemployment, poverty and alcohol consumption. Nyamutwale explains that most of the cases don’t make it to courts of law because the warring parties choose an out court settlement.
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She says that as a result of the high number of cases of domestic violence and child neglect, they have incorporated the issues in their community policing sensitisation activities. But residents and Civil Society Organizations fault Police and government for alleged failure to enforce laws on child neglect and the Domestic Violence Act 2010. Sunday Richard Ale, the coordinator Forum for Women in Democracy in Luweero district says despite the fact that government passed the law criminalizing domestic violence in 2010it has remained ion paper.
 Ale believes that the failure to operationalize the laws has contributed to the soaring cases of domestic violence and child neglect. He warns that unless government intervenes and enforce the law nothing will change. Ale claims that when cases of domestic violence are reported to police they are mishandled, which has given suspects a leeway to comittee the same crime repeatedly.
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Anita Kyomuhendo is a victim of domestic violence. Kyomuhendo claims that although the beatings by her former husband caused physical harm to her body she was not helped when she reported the matter to Wobulenzi police station. She alleges that police connived with her former husband and killed the case. Kyomuhendo asked government to implement the domestic violence act before the situation gets worse.
James Kanakulya, a resident of Kavule Zone in Luweero town council says many of the abandoned children have taken to vending fruits. He says that some of the children are involeved in petty thefts for survival and risking being lynched. Kanakulya wants police to arrest the parents of these children and charge them with child neglect.


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