Congolese Militia Raids Kasenyi Border Area

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Kasenyi village is located 20kms away from the Uganda-Congo border point in Kanungu district.

Residents of Kasenyi village in Kanungu district are living in fear following an attack by Nyantura militias from the Democratic Republic of Congo-DRC. Kasenyi village is located 20kms away from the Uganda-Congo border point in Kanungu district. Residents claim that a group of armed militias raided the village on Tuesday night. They allegedly tortured residents and looted their livestock. Two of the residents who were allegedly tortured by the Congolese militia have been identified as Kisoda Ruronga and Muhanga Iko.

The two men claim that the militiamen broke into their houses and tied them with ropes before they started beating them up. They claim that the militiamen who were only spoke Swahili and Kinyarwanda demanded for money and livestock. Kisoda and Muhanga claim that the militiamen took away fifteen goats and collected others from the neighborhood before they fled back to the DRC. The attack has left the residents in panic.

Reports suggest that some residents have resorted to sleeping outside their houses for fear of being attacked by the rebels. Lt. Ninsiima Rwemigyima, the second division army spokesperson has confirmed the raid on the village by the Congolese militia. He however, says that they have beefed up security along the common border points to avoid further infiltration of the militia. Ninsiima says this is the first time the Nyantura militia has raided Ugandan soil.

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Nyantura forces have often clashed with the Mai Mai militia group over the control of Eastern democratic Republic of Congo. The latest attack was in February 2013 when Nyantura forces raided the Mai Mai camp and forced them out displacing 1500 Congolese nationals.