FDC to Name 21 Ministers to Shadow Cabinet

Comments 2016 Views Kampala, Uganda
The Forum for Democratic Change says it will appoint only 21members of its Shadow Cabinet to act as the alternative to President Yoweri Museveni's 69-member cabinet in Parliament. FDC's Secretary General, Alice Alaso, says the Shadow Cabinet will be announced early next week after President Museveni has allocated ministerial positions to his ministers. //Cue in: iThe FDC cabinet#i Cue out: i# shadow it accordingly.i// Asked why the FDC won't match Museveni's number of cabinet ministers, Alaso describes the National Resistance Movement cabinet as outrageous and asserts that the FDC wants to focus on a lean government that can deliver. //Cue in: iIt would be#i Cue out: i#our position.i Meanwhile, the FDC National Executive Committee will meet next week to discuss among other things the defection of its senior envoy Eriya Kategaya, who was named a minister in Museveni's government. Alaso says the party has not officially discussed the Kategaya issue. She says many members are still surprised at the turn of heart of one of the most senior politicians in the country. Kategaya who parted ways with Museveni in 2003 protesting Museveni's move to run for a third term was unfazed when he appeared before the Parliamentary Appointments Committee for vetting to take up a ministerial position in Museveni's third term government.


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