Kibaale Town Council to Build Ushs. 500m Taxi Park

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Kibaale Town Council has announced plans to construct a 500-million shilling taxi park. The Town Clerk of Kibaale, Simon Kazairwe, says construction of the modern taxi park in Karuguuza will begin next month and will be completed by the end of this year. He says the town council has already secured 150 million shillings for the park and expects the remaining 350 million shillings to come from local revenue collection sources. Kazairwe explains that the taxi park will be surrounded by 300 lock-up shops, fully connected with electricity, water and a drainage system. A special revenue collection office be built in the center of the park. The Town Clerk says the design of the new taxi park was approved by the old Kibaale Town Council. He says the council has started selling plots around the construction site to investors interested in redeveloping the area.