Double Birthday for Kyabazinga Gabula With September Crowning Top story

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But not only does Gabula seem to have majority support among the Busoga Kingdom clan heads, his election was recognised by the country's head President Yoweri Museveni. William Gabula has long been groomed for power.

On September 10, 2014, Prince William Gabula Nadiope IV will become the fourth Kyabazinga of Busoga Kingdom.
The hope that Gabula's election by 10 out of the 11 royal clan heads to the title would bring an end to six years of dispute over the throne has already been dashed.
In response Gabula's election as Isebantu Kyabazinga, supporters of Prince Columbus Wambuzi went ahead to declare him the true Kyabazinga of Busoga.
But not only does Gabula seem to have majority support among the Busoga Kingdom clan heads, his election was recognised by the country's head President Yoweri Museveni.
Gabula is no stranger to the controversies that surround Busoga's most prestigious title. His grandfather Sir William Wilberforce Kadhumbula Nadiope was Busoga's second elected Kyabazinga in 1949. Nadiope would successfully aspire to a third term as Kyabazinga in 1962 in a hotly contested election. Wilberforce Nadiope was also the first Vice President of Uganda after independence.
William Gabula has long been groomed for power.
Retired Bishop Cyprian Bamwoze is Gabula's spiritual guardian and a family friend. Sitting Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga is linked to the Gabula family by a blood brothers bond their fathers took. Her father George Wilson Kadaga and Gabula's grandfather William Nadiope took an oath to treat each other as brothers for life.
Gabula's upbringing was especially difficult because of the uncertain political fortunes of Uganda throughout his youth. Born September 9, 1988, Gabula was born two years after all-consuming civil war (1981-1986) in which his father Professor Wilson Gabula Nadiope had taken a covert role.
Before Gabula family could settle into the perks of power after Professor Nadiope was appointed Tourism Minister by President Museveni, the professor was dead by 1992.
An Uncle Farouk Mujomba says Gabula's mother Josephine Kadhumbula (since deceased) and grandmother Eva Mpaata ensured he had a good education. 
An economist by training from Kyambogo University, Gabula has worked with Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development as an auditor and as an economic analyst with Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.
Before Kyambogo University, Gabula was a student at Busoga College Mwiri. For his primary school education, he went through Butiki Primary School.
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Springing from the Baise Ngobi ruling clan, Gabula belongs to Bagabula (a group of Basoga in northern Busoga region). Gabula actually means that he is the leader of the Bagabula. The right to call himself Gabula is reserved for him.
His maternal grandmother Eva Mpaata describes Gabula as being shy and reserved while still much younger. First sign of his steeliness, however, came early as he survived many health scares as a child. Attention in the Gabula family of four children was often on his elder sister Princess Nasikombi Nadiope.
It was not until the 2008 passing of Kyabazinga Henry Wako Muloki that interest in Gabula's unique position was noticed. As Wilberforce Nadiope's heir apparent, Gabula was suddenly in line to become the Kyabazinga.
Rebecca Kadaga, who has championed Gabula’s quest to become a Kyabazinga of Busoga, says he is consultative and listening leader. Kadaga says that though Gabula, at 25, is young the people will grow with him. 
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Bishop Bamwoze hopes that Gabula will make a good Kyabazinga because he has a strong Christian foundation. He warns that if Gabula strays, the clergy will not hesitate to point out the failings.