What do you do with personal information?

We hold this information for our own file purposes. We take all reasonable measures to hold this information securely, and will not pass it on to other parties without your prior consent. Uganda Radio Network Ltd. requests bank details either to make payments to you or to invoice you. These details are not held online.


The Web site uses cookies to help make your visit easier. Cookies are small files which are transmitted from the website to your hard drive. These files no not store or transmit any personal information – only about your site visit. You will not be able to pass the login page unless you have cookies enabled. See the Help index on your browser.

How can a station keep control of an account?

A single radio station can have several ‘agent’ accounts for different editors and producers of different shows. The station will also have one ‘administrator’ account able to view all the actions of all agents on the account at any one time. This is designed to allow a station a one-stop account update. The administrator account cannot download stories. A station can set a limit on the amount it wants to spend, and can be sent automated reminders when it nears its monthly limit.

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