How is material edited?

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Uganda Radio Network does not edit contributors’ material. Radio stations will read and hear exactly what is filed to the site. When a story is filed to Uganda Radio Network, an editor will check it for audio quality, content and style, and to ensure it matches the transcript before posting it for sale and download. If the audio quality of the story is poor, or if there are concerns over content or style, a Uganda Radio Network representative will contact the contributor to discuss possible changes. The purchasing station is the radio station that is responsible for checking that the material will not breach the laws or otherwise give rise to liability in the country in which it is to be broadcast.

When a radio station buys an item, is it for a one-time play or several plays? Is there a sliding payment scale for the importance of a story? Is there additional payment for re-runs? Is there additional payment for national airplay?

A radio station is given permission to use the audio it downloads as often as it wishes for one month from the date of download. Material is provided to stations for a one-time flat fee. Contributors will not be paid less and stations will not be charged less – for a smaller story, nor will there be larger payment and fees for a bigger story. If a story breaks important news, a contributor can be confident a large number of stations will download it, creating more revenue.

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