How is the article management system structured?

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The site is password-protected. Anyone who wants to use the site must be a professional in the broadcast industry; either a working journalist or an editor/producer (exceptions can be made). Please contact us directly. Once past the login page, every user will see the Home page, with stories arranged by Top Stories and Latest Stories, as well as by subject; news, business, sport, entertainment. Depending on who you are and what you want to do with the site, you will see a slightly different version, and have different capabilities. There are four categories of user; Contributor, Station, Administrator and Agent. A journalist will use a Contributor account, which will allow him or her to upload stories. A Contributor cannot download stories, but can read their transcripts and listen to other contributors’ audio files. A radio station will be given a Station account, with a senior representative designated as Administrator. The Administrator cannot download or upload: this account is designed solely for creating and managing Agent accounts for different editors and producers within the station, setting their spending limits and viewing all their transactions. An Agent can both download and upload stories on behalf of their station.

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