What kind of material is available?

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Contributors can file any news content that radio stations may want to buy and use, including dispatches, packages and actuality. Uganda Radio Network will currently only accept English-language reports, and has set the following standards, to which most radio stations adhere:

  • 30 second story
  • 1 minute dispatch
  • 1.30 minute dispatch
  • 1.30 minute feature/package
  • 2-4 minute feature/package
  • Independent Cuts/Clips (5 seconds – 20 seconds)
  • Complete interview (regardless of length)
  • Bespoke features/packages
  • Sourced 2-ways

We recommend contributors file as much content, in different formats, as possible. Different radio stations around the world are likely to want to buy content in different formats. If a contributor records a newsworthy event, he or she can use clips of the actuality in a package as well as providing the actuality by itself. Contributors who also work in print journalism and record interviews and events could use that actuality to create a radio package, or simply upload and sell the actuality, or both.

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