National Perspective Vol.016: Oil Exploration in Uganda; How Do We Position Ourselves to Benefit? (Program summary)

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In this third edition of a series on oil exploration in Uganda, National Perspective explores the expectations of Ugandans in regard to the young oil and gas industry. We speak to ordinary Ugandans, who believe that when the oil money starts flowing, they will get good roads, education institutions or even money from government.

For some, even before one drop of oil comes out of the ground, there is already belief that they can carry jerry cans to a village meeting and come home with a jerrycan-ful of paraffin, as we find out from an official from one of the oil companies.

So how should Ugandans benefit from this valuable resource? And how have they benefited so far? Reports indicate that in terms of all the benefits that a country’s people should get from such a resource, this benefit has only been less than 15 percent so far.

Will Ugandans get jobs when the oil starts flowing?

Outside Uganda, we share stories from Ghana and Nigeria, two other African countries which are already benefiting from oil.

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