National Perspective Vol.007: Uganda’s Forgotten Historical Symbols (program summary)

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How much do you know about your country’s history?

Do the people and events that left a mark that shaped what Uganda has become as a nation hold any importance to the nation?

In this edition of National Perspective we take a visit to some of the symbols of national importance across the country, tracing the historical events that happened there, and examining the varied states of neglect some of these places are in.

From Fort Portal, the town whose name is more popular than its mother district, we take you to the lush Guruguru hills where the Lamogi rebellion was fought. Journey with us to Jinja, Mbale and Bunyoro as we take you several decades into Uganda’s history and ask whether the country is consciously allowing its history to be eroded by the passing of time.

Tune in to a radio station in your area to listen to this edition, and join us next week for another edition.

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