National Perspective Vol.018: Does Pregnancy have a place in our schools? (Program Summary)

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There was a time in the Ugandan education system when getting pregnant would signify an end to a young woman’s education.

In recent years, increasingly, some girls who get pregnant while in school have beaten the odds and returned to school, after having their babies. In fact, cases of P.7 pupils having a baby just before or during their final exams have almost become common.

But, the issue of getting pregnant while still in the lower levels of school remains a delicate matter. When schools allow these girls to continue with their education, they could easily be looked at as condoning the act of teenage pregnancies.  Still, there is the argument that completing school, for these girls, in some way liberates them from their circumstances.

In this edition, discuss ways in which teenage pregnancies are dealt with in our education system.

We share experiences from Kasese, the region in which, according to a recent report, almost every family has had a girl who has been defiled or married off as a teenager. We also share experiences from Mbale,  as well as look into matters of policy.

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