National Perspective Vol:032: President Museveni’s 1st Year Into the 4th Term (program summary)

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This edition analyses President Yoweri Museveni’s first year in power as an elected president the fourth time round.

After the elections in early 2011, Museveni was sworn into office in April the same year. Immediately after the elections, a great part of the opposition disputed the results.

The economic situation at the time, manifested in inflation and a general rise in the cost of living saw some members in the opposition take to the streets in what was known as Walk to Work, spearheaded by The Activists for Change.

It has also been the year in which the dealings in the young oil sector have come under question from Parliament, triggering what has come to be known as the oil debate.

The 9th Parliament has also been very vocal and pro-active on fighting corruption, and several of Museveni’s Ministers have come under question. In fact, some have been made to resign, while others have stepped aside to pave way for investigations into allegations of corruption.

It’s been a year punctuated with relentless civil disobedience and increasing police action on protesters.

This edition puts all these events that have happened over the last one year of the fourth NRM elected government in perspective.

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