Newz Beat Season 1, Episode 14 (Audio-Luganda 6min)

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Newz Beat Season 1, Episode 14

Newz Beat comes to terms with the gunmen attack on the Paris offices of French satiric magazine Charlie Hebdo. The attacks by gunmen who have come to be described as Muslim fundamentalists left at least 12 people dead, the staff of the magazine and a policeman guarding the building.
Politics is not too far off, after the horrifying attacks in Paris, France. Leaders have always seized emotional moments in time to connect with their population and Newz Beat explores the populist gimmicks politicians will use. Or have used successfully before.
The team also handles the critical issue of how to stay healthy in a very stressful world where the demands on time seem to be on the increase with each year.

Newz Beat Season 1, Episode 14




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