Newz Beat, Season 2, Episode 6 (Luganda audio- 6min)

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The oil curse in Africa becomes real for Uganda as the country’s oil deposits in Lake Albert mean it has to share proceeds with at least two neighbours. The Newz Beat team on the pitfalls Uganda can avoid by learning from the Democratic Republic of Congo and treating Angola as a friend.

Several African states have threatened to stop recognising the International Criminal Court (ICC) accusing the body of discriminatory justice that targets African leaders. 2015 African Union summit crucial to reveal which states will withdraw from the ICC.

Do you know that Cuba has educated at least 40, 000 African doctors on full scholarship since the 1960s? The Newz Beat team on the tiny island’s gigantic global imprint.

Newz Beat pays a tribute to Burkina Faso’s assassinated President Thomas Sankara as the West African nation faces the prospect of a democratic future after street protests forced out long time President Blaise Campaore.


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