Newz Beat, Season 2, Episode 08 (Luganda-audio 6m)

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Newz Beat Season 2, Episode 08


In this week’s Newz Beat’s episode: peace and nude photos take prominence.
Where do African countries lie on the Global Peace Index? The Beat breaks down the highest ranked nations with the surprise winner being Iceland which enjoys 100 percent literacy rate for its population. Another surprise: the United States of America (USA) is nowhere in the top five nations.

Desire Luzinda’s November 2014 predicament refreshes Ugandans of what has come to be known as “revenge porn.” Estranged lovers taking their revenge by publishing intimate photos of the persons who have scorned them. The Beat team discovers it is not just a Ugandan celebrity fad; it is a real problem in a world where an image can go around the world in seconds of being put online.

Still speaking of sex and the world’s fascination with it; Kim Kardashian, who pay channel subscribers must be aware of, makes an appearance in The Beat. Kardashian’s shocking Paper Mag cover, The Beat believes, headlines a change of most desired body part: a big behind.


Newz Beat Season 2, Episode 08

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