NFP Fellowships available for short courses:

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Until the 1st of October 2011 you can apply for a NFP fellowship of Nuffic for the following two-week training courses of The Hague Academy for Local Governance:

Decentralisation, Democratisation and Development (starting 19 March 2012)
This two-week training course focuses on how to design, implement and support effective decentralization strategies in order to strengthen processes of governance and development from the bottom up. Questions that will be addressed during the course include: How can governments become more knowledgeable of and responsive to the needs of the people? How do you create possibilities for greater political participation for ordinary citizens? How can local governments contribute to reaching the MDGs?

Citizen Participation and Accountability ( starting 16 April 2012)
Key questions to be discussed in this two-week innovative training course include: How can municipalities increase accountability towards their citizens? And how can they benefit from involving citizens and organisations in a smart way? You will discuss the accountability chain, the participation ladder, do´s and don´ts and you will visit participation projects in urban planning, social cohesion and safety.

To see if you are eligible for this fellowship and to learn more about the rules and regulations regarding the fellowship, please check The deadline to apply for a NFP fellowship for one of the above training courses is 1 October 2011! Applications send beyond this date will not be considered by Nuffic.

More information:
For detailed information about the training courses see You can also contact us by email [email protected] or phone +31-70-3738695.

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