Open Letter to Lwengo LC 5 Chairman George Mutabaazi

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I have seen you on TVs and newspapers caning people for refusing to participate in your campaigns i.e Building Houses with iron sheets and bush clearing on roads.Although i agree with you that the district need to develop through various approaches and among them is public engaging in what is locally known as Bulungi Bwansi..

I disagree with you when you resort to violence rather voluntary and sensitization approach.Please Mr.Mutabaazi you dont have mandate to beat people for refusing to participate in such campaigns.

People pay taxes for you to do same things to them that include road construction and creating conducive environment for them to get money hence they construct good houses..Dont tell me the government releases are not enough,are you utilizing the little you get? Where does the trillions the govt collects as taxes go? World Bank Reports indicate that over 500 billion shs given to Uganda as aid for roads and welfare projects are embezzled! IGG and Other Local govts say the same.. Those people you harrass are living below poverty level not on their will but due to the government which you are part of that have failed to deliver despite of support they have given it for last 28 years now.

Again Mr.Mutabaazi you cant be a complainant,Prosecutor,Judge and Punisher…In civilized world its not acceptable! Am seeing you are heading to disaster as you capitalize on ignorance of people you beat and you go unchallenged.You must be reminded that the country has laws and you will be held accountable as individual if you commit a serious error as you beat people.

Angry Resident,
Luwaga Brian
Mbirizi Town.

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