20,000 traders Face Eviction from Kisenyi

2619 Views Kampala, Uganda
More than 20,000 traders operating from Kisenyi have been ordered to leave the land on which they have been operating for over ten years. The affected traders have been operating from Kisenyi -Kibuga block 12 Mengo. The January 2nd eviction notice issued by Balyejjusa & co advocates, on behalf of magistrate Mugoya Kyawa Gaster, states that the traders have been given up to 14th January to vacate the land. The trader's eviction is intended to pave way for its redevelopment. The two-hectare piece of land belongs to the Buganda Kingdom, but the circumstances under which the land title was transferred from the Buganda Land Board to the Uganda Lands Commission remains unclear. According to the documents seen by Uganda Radio Network, Mugoya signed a memorandum of understanding with four out of the five tenants currently occupying the land which belongs to the Buganda Kingdom. But some of the tenants who are mainly artisans dealing in aluminum, car spare parts and aluminum scrap, were not consulted by the developer. They say they are not ready to vacate the land, unless they are compensated. The artisans have vowed to use every means available to resist eviction. // Cue in: iwe are not ready# Cue out: #Absolutely I will not goi// Eras Lukwago, Kampala central Member of Parliament says will petition the chief justice, Benjamin Odoki, to intervene in the matter. Lukwago argues that the traders will not vacate the land until Odoki pronounces him self on the matter. // Cue in: iI was terribly shocked# Cue out: #.in occupation of the landi//