30 Injured in Gulu Bus Accident

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Serious bus accident occurs at a notorious blackspot on the Kampala-Gulu Road. More than 30 people were seriously injured in the incident.

More than 30 people were this morning seriously injured in a bus accident on the Kampala-Gulu Road.

The bus, part of the Kampala Coach fleet, was on its way to Juba in South Sudan when it overturned just after 6 a.m. at Opaka Forest Reserve about 10 kilometers before Gulu town.
Patrick Okoya Kagwa, the traffic officer at Gulu Central Police Station, says the bus overturned when one of its front tyres burst. He says the driver lost control and the vehicle veered off the road about 170 meters away.

No one was killed in the accident.

Kagwa says he suspects that the driver was overspeeding at the time.

Opaka Forest Reserve is a serious blackspot along the Kampala-Gulu Road and is a common accident zone.

The last serious accident to occur in the area happened in December last year. In that incident three people were killed on the spot. Among them was the director of Labora Commonwealth Youth Center, Francis Onekalit.
A group of Acholi elders performed rituals in the area last year, hoping to appease what they believe is an evil spirit haunting the road.