40 Hospitalized in Bundibugyo Over Cholera

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The outbreak was reported in a camp at Buhundu Primary School, where more than 400 people fled to, following last month’s clashes between the Bamba and Bakonzo.

Forty people are hospitalized following an outbreak of cholera in a camp in Bundibugyo district.

The outbreak was reported in a camp at Buhundu Primary School, where more than 400 people fled to, following last month’s clashes between the Bamba and Bakonzo.

The clashes started after the Bamba raided Kirindi village, the birth place of Omusinga Charles Mumbere, the King of the Rwenzururu Kingdom and attempted to burn down his place.
Since last month, the 72 households have been camping at the school compound fearing to return to their homes. They are from Kisumba, Bundinyama and Bunyaruta parishes.

The cholera outbreak was reported this morning after forty people were admitted in different health centers in Bundibugyo with watery diarrhea and vomiting. Samples taken from the victims at the hospital have tested positive for cholera.   An isolation centre for cholera patients has been set up at the hospital.

Michael Jubilee, a clinical officer at Bundibugyo hospital attributes the cholera outbreak to poor sanitary conditions at the camp. According to Jubilee, there is limited water supply and some of the people defecate in polythene bags and dispose them in the compound.
Charles Kisembo, the district health officer Bundibugyo, says that his office is monitoring the situation closely to prevent the disease from spreading to different parts of the district. He also says that a team from Uganda Red Cross Society has started sensitizing those living in the camp on proper hygiene.

Mathias Mwesige, the headmaster Buhundu Primary School says that the school management committee has written to the Resident District Commissioner to relocate the displaced families from the school.
Mwesige says that they provided shelter for the displaced people for only a week. He however says that no cases of cholera have been reported among the pupils.  The Resident District Commissioner Bundibugyo, Samuel Kazinga says before the end of this week, the displaced people will have to return back to their homes, since the villages are now safe.
According to Kazinga, the army and police will be deployed in the villages for one month to prevent attacks on the families. But Joel Kataito, the in-charge of the camp, says that despite the outbreak of cholera, they will not leave the camp, because they fear to be attacked again by the Bamba, when they return to their homes.
Kataito says that even though they will be provided with security, they have no where to stay, because their houses were burnt during the attacks.


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