488 Million Shillings NUSAF Funds Stolen in Nakapiripirit

1398 Views Nakapiripirit, Uganda
Three hundred and seventy eight million shillings meant for drilling 21 community boreholes in Nakpiripirit district under the Northern Uganda Social Action Fund (NUSAF) has been embezzled. The Nakapiripirit Resident District Commissioner Andrew Napaja says district officials connived with contractors using fictitious projects to embezzle the money. Each of the boreholes was to be built at a cost of eighteen million shillings. Napaja says a team of district officials who were on a fact finding tour of government projects in the district were last week shocked to discover that not a single borehole had been drilled yet payment had been made over a year to ghost companies. Napaja declined to name the officials who misappropriated the money but says Internal Security Organization has prepared 27 files on the officials which will be used as a basis for their arrest. In other news, Napaja says a businessman called Godfrey Mugoya of Azu Construction Company has been arrested over a ghost dam which cost the district 83 million shillings. Napaja says NUSAF officials connived with the businessman and paid him 83 million shillings for a ghost dam whose cost was inflated by 13 million shillings. Also arrested is Fred Wanda another businessman who was paid 27 million shillings for a ghost classroom block in Cheptakot Primary School.


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