5 Arrested For Open Defecation

1868 Views Abim, Uganda

In short
The Abim Town Council passed a resolution to arrest anybody caught in open defecation as a way of improving sanitation in the district.

Five residents of Yenglemi and Angwee in Abim Town Council have been arrested for open defecation.

The arrest followed an operation by law enforcement officers in a drive to keep Abim clean.  The drive started last month and is carried out every first Thursday of the month.

Those arrested include John Odide, Franco Onyer, Bosco Okello, Awilli Atuku and Mercelyn Auma.

Abim Town Council mayor, Wilson Dick Otto said they resolved in the last council meeting to arrest whoever shall be caught doing open defecation.

The council also agreed to pay 10,000 shillings to whoever arrests anybody doing open defecation. 

The Vice Chairperson of Karamoja Water and Sanitation, an organisation which oversees the general sanitation of the region, Micheal Leo Elimu says the arrest will deter people who do not take sanitation seriously.

The Abim District Health Inspector, Valentine Ojoro said the town council will continue with the operation and those arrested shall be apprehended and prosecuted.

Karamoja sub-region is known for open defecation and attempts by several NGOs to construct sanitary facilities have not yielded any fruits. This makes it one of the most affected regions by poor sanitation.

By press time, the suspects were still in police custody.