5 LRA rebels killed in Ambush

2407 Views Gulu, Uganda
Five rebel fighters of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) have been killed in intensified operations by government forces in the districts of Pader and Kitgum. Northern army spokesman Lt. Chris Magezi said yesterday, the rebels died in joint operations carried out Tuesday evening by UPDF soldiers and Local Defense Unit (LDU) . Lt. Magezi said the ambushes on the rebels took place in the villages of Wol and Lukwa in Patongo Sub County Pader district. Others were killed in Kayuwe village, Amida Sub County in Kitgum district. Lt. Magezi noted that the army has come up with a new strategy of attacking the rebel fighters at food and water sources. Cue in: "A total of five... Cue out#if they don't." Meanwhile the second in command of the LRA, Vincent Otti has announced readiness for peace talks with government.


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