60 percent of Kitgum residents drink unsafe water

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Returning communities in Kitgum are drinking unsafe water from swamps, dams and ponds because of lack of clean water sources. John Odur the chairman LC lll of Kitgum matidi Sub County says about five villages in his constituency do not have a single borehole. Odur says villages like Lanyir, Nazareth, Luwalogur, and Oryang do not have clean water sources. He says the health of the community is at risk because they have no alternatives and many don't boil their water. //Cue in: iDrinking water is a problem#i Cue out: i#to help people.i// Charles Oyrema the assistant district water officer confirms that there are inadequate sources of clean water especially in areas of resettlement. Oryema says only 40% of the people in the villages have access to clean safe water. He says some villages have only a single borehole serving hundreds of people. He says the situation has worsened since former IDPs movement from the camps and returned to the villages. //Cue in: iWe still have#.i Cue out: i#so many water sources.i// Charles Oryema says the water crisis is being solved but in a rather slow pace because of inadequate funds. //Cue in: iWe have the gaps#i Cue out: i#of hepatitis E.i// Ends


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